Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gnomon Master Classes 2013 - Photo Collage Class with Ryan Hawkins

So I started taking classes at Gnomon School of VFX. I'm currently taking their Master Classes 2013 and having lots of fun. So far I studied lots of cool stuff. I'm taking a Photo Collage class with the awesome Ryan Hawkins! I feel like I've learned a lot from him in such a short period of time! This is the first time I'm trying to do a photo collage, it was really fun to create this piece!


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    1. Thanks so much Peter! Your art is amazing!

  2. Your work is pretty awesome!! This Photo Collage Prototyping class was very cool! I'm from Mexico City and i'm also at the Masterclass and it's awesome to get to know more people around the world that like this industry cause in my country it's almost non existing. Hope to get to talk sometime and share knowledge!

    Great work! Greetings from Mexico City!
    Facebook: Xsarin Mandujano

    1. Thanks so much Cesar! Hope you enjoyed the Master Classes as much as I did! Your art is cool!

      All the best to you and good luck!