Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homework - Telling a Story Through Photos

Homework - First Walk Cycle + New stuff

Did my best with it. I still have to fix a few things. Enjoy.

BTW I shot a video of my sketchbook, you can see some of my drawings there, check it out

And here are some new designs of 'Redix' (One of my old characters) Hope you like it

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

14?? Me?! Gee thanks, it's totally worth a post!

So I took my little sister to school today, she's in Junior high, and big brother/sisters/parents are not allowed to enter the school. We live in a town were there's a guard at each school, they usually stand or sit right at the school's main entrance and they make sure that only students get in, anyways, so my sis and I wanted to have some fun, so I went to her: "let's see if the guard thinks that I'm a student at your school" and he actually let us both in. I was shocked, I thought to myself: "Oh well, maybe he wasn't looking", now the guard was around 25-30 years old, and the students at that school are around 12-15 years old, no more than 14-15. Now, it was really easy to get into her school with her, but getting out wasn't easy at all! LOL after I said goodbye to my sis I went out of the main entrance and the guard was really mad at me he thought that I was one of the students, he went: "Where do you think you're going?!" he was REALLY angry with me, he thought that I was trying to skip school LOL so I said to him: "What do you mean?" and he asked me again: "What do you think you're doing? Where do you think you're going?!" and I went: "Uhhh, yeah, I just brought my sis here, I'm not a student or anything" LOL and then he went: "You're not a student?" lol it was totally funny, I'm used to people thinking I'm 17-18 all the time, but 14-15 is crazy!

Here's some AnimationGirl art

Monday, February 7, 2011

Worth a post

So, I really like Avril Lavigne's music and style. I started listening to her music back in 2003, when I was 14, funny, it seems like it's been ages since then but it was only a few years ago, she just started with her career back then and I liked her since the very beginning, she's one of my fav musicians ever. I really like her new song and I'm waiting for the new album to come out. She's worth a post, she rocks. I think she's the most beautiful woman on earth.

Here's a link to her new song -

Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

Sunday, February 6, 2011