Friday, October 18, 2013

'Wizard of Oz' Goes Disturbing...

So I had an assignment at school, we had to take 'Wizard of Oz' and give it a twist, make the story and characters different, I chose to go with the 'disturbing' version. I picked Dorothy and the Scarecrow. I also had to design a room with props for one of these characters so I decided to design Dorothy's Room - A disturbing room, with voodoo dolls, stuff on the wall, creepy drawings on the walls and lots of elements from the story whether if it's sayings, characters props and so on =) I'm trying my very best to get better and learn new stuff everyday, I'm working full time in-house for an awesome video game studio so the only time I can actually focus on school/online studies/assignments is after work and during the weekends. I really want to get better, learn new styles and just be the best that I can be. Hope you guys like it.