Saturday, August 18, 2012

Animated TV-Commerical - Character Designs

So I finally got permission from snowball | VFX studios to post some of the Character Designs and artwork I did 'Israeli Oscar Wining' animated short/TV commerical 'Sharry Arison - Shikun & Binui - Real Estate'. So, the first two characters below are the ones you can see in the first commercial (the other 2 commercials haven't been aired yet) and the rest of the characters below are some of the early designs we did for this commercial but didn't eventually use. I had the best time working on this short with the guys at the studio, I had an awesome experience and I'm really happy with the way the overall look/feel of the commercial, so many talented people have worked on this commercial and I'm truly happy I could be a part of it. ALL RIGHT RESERVED to snowball | VFX Studios

שיכון ובינוי - עיצוב דמויות על ידי עינב דרעי - חברת ההפקה האחראית על האנימציה וארט - סנובול סטודיוס - פרסומת אנימציה - שרי אריסון

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