Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pixar Animator Matthew Luhn

Today I met animator Matthew Luhn! He's extremely nice and so kind and it was a pleasure to meet this wonderful storyboard artist. It was a real nice experience. Check out Mr. Laun's Official Website

Also, my artwork\character designs were chosen as some of the best student artwork in my school for 2011! Only 30 different pieces were chosen, so it's kinda cool, I wish my teachers would have chosen different characters, I have better ones, but yeah, that's the way it goes. On the last photo bellow, you can see that I'm probably one of the few students in the school that actually focuses on character design, I try to make my designs as solid and appealing as possible, and hopefully I'll get better and better in the future.

Don't forget to check out Mr. Laun's Official Website

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  1. He's a lucky guy to be standing next to you AnimationGirl. You rock, AG. Happy Easter from your biggest fan.