Tuesday, March 1, 2011

'Rey' - Designs by me (Original Character by FrancKD)

So I spent like an hour on DeviantArt today and I ran into FrancKD's page, a real talented kid from Mexico and I saw this real cool character and I immediately said to myself that this guy has some real talent, I told him that his characters have a lot of potential and I did the designs above for him, tried to give his character a bit of twist, tried to stay as dedicated to the design and colors as I possibly could. Anyway, took me like 5 mins to do the designs above, did em real fast and sent it to him as soon as I finished and he was real happy, he liked em, so it made me real happy. Kinda reminded me of school, whenever I go to animation class people ask me to go over their artwork and show them how to improve, I still have A LOT to learn myself though, but it's still cool to know that I can help at some sort of level.

Check out the original 'Rey' character by FrancKD on DeviantArt
Original 'Rey' character was designed by ©2011 FrancKD

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