Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Suddenly So "Popular" lol

First of all I'd like to dedicate the following drawings to my friend K from work, K and I are overworking together lol. We work almost 12 hours every day and it's crazy hours but it's a lot of fun thanks to you and N. K, don't forget the house with the squares! lol I will never forget that, it makes me laugh every time I think about it. Anyways, here are the drawings.

It's important to mention that I'm trying to develop all sort of different styles when it comes to my drawings, I really want to grow and be able to create all sort of things as an artist so I really think it's important to be open to new styles, basically, the style of the drawings above is really not my style, I usually don't draw like this but I thought it would be nice to try something new for a change.

And as for the designs below, it took me about a few minutes to do the following designs, as I said before on my blog, I started my animation studies and I'm working with a group of cool students on a short stop motion film and I was chosen to design the characters. So I did some VD as a start and created these characters, again, I really did it fast just so we can have an idea of the the character is going to look like in general, it's not the final character.

Well, about a week ago I started school and our instructors gave us an assignment even though we didn't have any experience, they asked us to create a short stop motion film and they gave us about 1-2 hours to create it, they told us to create something really simple and easy so that's what we tried to do. I was in charge of the VD/Character Design and Story. It came out real nice for a first stop motion film, again, we've never done that before so it was a challenge. I will upload the film later on. Check out the stills from the first film we made.

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  1. These are really good! I especially like the line up of dwarf like characters. The quick sketches you did are very impressive too. I like the range of styles you're showing.