Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Done! I think it came out pretty good but still, I know I can do so much better.


  1. This is really good AnimationGirl, and not to take anything away from it, I know you can do even better too. You're improving all the time and it becomes obvious with each new drawing you post on your blog. You're very talented and any school that has you as a student or studio that has you as an artist will be lucky to have you. You achieve any goal you set your mind to, and I'm looking forward to the day when you're so successful you'll hire me to work for you.


  2. I can see this guy personality from a first look, and I L O v I N' IT !!

    but the way, you worked really great with the colors here, great piece of art I think.

    but you see, everything is Digital those days...

    you need to start working on that idea :)

    have a nice week, A.G
    your beloved friend that you're never visit...


  3. HAHA! Thanks H.A that's really nice of you. I'll come to visit you soon so take it easy