Monday, September 13, 2010


  1. This kicks ass. You're getting better all the time. There's students at expensive animation schools that can't do the level of work you're doing here. The design of this guy is really nice plus your drawing is strong. Your color sense and your skill with rendering is something worth mentioning too.


  2. Hey! let me figure something, you draw this at color and then edit the drawing to black&white?
    or - you draw the same painting, one time black and white and second time with colors?

    I love that just from looking at this drawing I can already know what character I could give him if he where in a animation film, it has a really strong personality from a first look.

    something like mob or some big bully..
    or just the "bad guy"

    ok ok, I'll stop *uck with your brain, keep on drawing woman!!!!!